Music Videos

The first official video of The Bilderberg Group was created with public domain footage and recordings of Guy Williams, Jr. – that he sent to Charles S. Kuzmanovic. Charles created the music video using Adobe Premiere CC and video footage that were part of his portfolio, mixed with a couple of public domain videos, that he found on

Legal notice:

This video contains an excerpt of “The Hasher’s Delirium” (1910)
which was released under the Creative Commons license CC Attribution 3.0


The second video is about Tom’s Diner – actually, it’s a cover version of Suzanne Vega’s song 🙂

“Tom’s Diner” (feat. Sandra M.):


And here’s our third official video:

What in the World are They Spraying?


The fourth (unofficial) music video for our song “Heirlooms”:


Here’s our brand new video for the song “Popular (Original Mix)”:


March 16th, 2016: take a look at the brand new music video

“Sweet Cement”

This is our new video/song “Spoken Word Sucks”

May 15th 2016: The Samson Option


May 29th 2016: Killing Me Smalls

June 14th 2016: Under the Dome

July 25th 2016: Whine Glasses

July 28th 2016: Big Foot Prints

August 14th 2016: Ripping the Wrapper

August 21st 2016: Halfie Power

August 28th 2016: A Man Would Be Famous (Original Dubstep Mix)

September 4th 2016: Odd I See Victims


September 4th 2016: Racing Rats


October 23rd 2016: Murdered City