Month: August 2018

CSK on his way home – with some Hip Hop classics

CSK (the music producer of TBG) was on his way back home – the passenger wanted to listen to his Hip Hop Spotify playlist. Here’s a tiny bit of the 1.5 hr ride. 🙂  

Brand New Song: The Price is Right – The Bilderberg Group

Hey folks, we have this new one for you: The Price is Right. Tell your neighbors about us.   We’ve produced this one with some fresh new gear – using the Novation MiniNOVA as kind of an extra. Basic tools: Ableton Live 10 – Native Instruments’ Maschine MK2 – Novation Launchpad – Yamaha AG 06 –…

Brand New: P.E.T.A. – The Bilderberg Group – Music Video

P.E.T.A. – Music Video – The Bilderberg Group (produced by Robert Margouleff and Zeus) After almost a YEAR of preparation, and with the UTMOST PRIDE and RESPECT, TBG, produced by 1 half of the INCREDIBLE team behind STEVIE WONDER’S string of HITS in the 70’s (Higher Ground, Superstition, etc.), ROBERT MARGOULEFF and his new partner,…