Month: October 2020

TBG – New Music Video – New Song: Black Jokes

Written and delivered by a half black, half white amerikkkan man… produced by a dude from Germany (with roots in Belgrade/Novi Sad, Serbia) Before you get mad and say something stupid… THINKING and ASKING QUESTIONS is NOT “the problem”, SUBMISSION IS!! #DONTVOTE #teamgoyim #gentilesunite #goyimunite #trumpvirus #blacklivesmatter ENJOY! and Share if you dig this one!

New TBG Song: WLLZ UP // Bandcamp folks!

Stop being RACIST!!! “jew” is NOT a bad word!!! NO ONE is ABOVE being TALKED ABOUT… saying ANYONE is “off limits” is just as bad, if not WORSE, than INCLUDING them in the discussion!! When 106.7 FM (WLLZ) dropped TBG because, although we are “controversial”, it was ok, as long as we didn’t talk about…