Guy has written this new piece called “Lumberg Fter”.

I (Charles) have already received the vocals for this one. Coming up: music production! Woot!

Lumberg Fter

What’s happening, I’m going to need you to go ahead and come in tomorrow…
I almost forgot, Why don’t you go ahead and come in on Sunday too, k..

Ok, but, I could burn this building down
I think that once a day at least
Counting as the minutes drown
I sit my life away, but cheat
See what I think is kinda neat
I have this fun new desk
That turns my ergonomical seat
Into a stand up play set
And you better bet
I’m super excited
My top two loves met
And an orgy was sighted
And who cares if I might get
A bad neck, back or feet
Once the fires ignited
If you can’t stand the heat
You’ll probably be fired
Your things put on the street
You’re 1 of 4 tires
And don’t you dare leak
Your spare was hired
Before your first a week
The care you require
Just makes you look weak
If you choose to speak
Don’t let it be up
No matter how bleak
Just keep your mouth shut
And if Done just enough
You might get a promotion
This office space Sucks
Hand solo, no lotion

So what’s your serial number
What’s that all about
Doesn’t anybody ever wonder
Who’s counting the count
Is there really any doubt
You’re just a cog in a wheel
Irregardless of your amount
Don’t you always feel
Like you’re left out of the deal
Like something more is missing
Yet they’ve convinced you to appeal
Through prayers and constant wishing
The thanks you must keep giving
Living in your sin
Is crank to scarey villains
Killing anything to win
The building begins
With a brand new foundation
The world doesn’t spin
On theories and space men
We need an invasion
A new pearl Harbor
To enact an act written
When today was tomorrow
Once you realize the sorrow’s
Just Albert Pike’s plan
You’ll be forced to see we borrow
The very lint within our hands
The mint is grand
An illusion for slaves
They’ve refreshed the commands
Yet read off the same page

I hope you count my flare
And it makes you so uncomfortable
You become a millionaire
And make yourself a Huxtable
Always busting bubbles you
Were naughty thinking threesome
But you’re failure likely doubles
Since you still believe in freedom
Like me rapping over Speedom
You’re left looking foolish
Changing like a the seasons
You spring to your conclusions
Bored and feeling useless
They keep us far too busy
To research into jesus
And see it’s more silly
That Mandy plays with Billy
While Death does their good deeds
The symbolism filling
Heads with programmed breath to breathe
The messages they read
Beneath their cloak of silence
Fill our children with belief
That’s disease is worse than Violence
The running theme’s compliance
Just work until you die
Don’t worry about the mileage
Bud, you’re check comes from the sky
But if life sucks you dry
And death is so much better
Why are guys who spit those lies
Seem blessed to live forever

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