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The Bilderberg Group – Music

creating “lit”… smooth and silky with one hell of a kick

We are all about creating change, on the highest level, which is the only one that really matters.

We believe that awareness is our most powerful weapon and the best way to spread awareness is through music, since music crosses all boundaries, colors and cultures.

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Here’s our debut album “Conspiracy Theory Sells”:

Here’s Guy Williams, Jr. with a tiny introduction to our music:

This is our attempts at spreading awareness and if you haven’t yet checked out the video for our first song, September Clues, please do!


June 14th 2016 – our brand new music video (“Under the Dome”) is here!

PLEASE share it with your friends, on your page and anywhere you think people will see it. Also, throw a like on our Facebook page and our video, it really does help a lot. We really appreciate the love and support, word of mouth is all we have since I, Guy, live in Detroit Michigan and Charles, lives in Germany, so word of mouth is all we have currently. Again, we welcome you, we encourage everyone to come to our personal pages and talk with us about any old thing.

Guy Williams, Jr.

Charles S. Kuzmanovic a.k.a. Fake Plastic Heads


Here are all #TBG music videos in one slick playlist:


If you dig what we do and want to support us, you can make a donation (via Paypal). We’ll be using the money for promotion: