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I pledge allegiance
To the human race
And this thing we SHARE as home
No silly republic
Or invisible hand
One planet
Absent god
No longer divided
Since truth liberates
And justice
Comes from unity

I pledge NO allegiance
To silly flags
That’s the oldest trick in the book
A democratic illousion
On stolen land
One vision
Conceived by Pike
Designed to fail
And enforced
By who can’t be questioned

Fool me once
You can’t shoot the shooter
And who thinks the dunce
Is really Lex Luther
We’re told we’re too super
They hate our freedom
The terrorists prove there
Where ever we need them
But watch Bush’s speech when
He thinks we are blind
He jokes with the heathens
Who don’t seem to mind
The fact they can’t find
The weapons they promised
They all laugh and drink wine
Like a Boiler Room conference
But that’s when their honest
When they think they are safe
When their racist responses
Demeaningly chafe
The goyim who plate
And serve them our finest
They make all the dates
Since their rule is timeless
Hiding the minus
Disgised as a hyphen
Their lawyer is Linus
He commands a steep stipend
But that’s where the right lends
The left both it’s hands
It’s not really a fight when
Its part of their plan

Since Facebook likes to censor us
Since free speech can be so costly
Since goy belong on the back of the bus
I choose what I say awfully
Carefully, since the law sees
That jews remain unequal
And I think it’s appalling
Since, aren’t we all just people
But when it comes to them the sheep will
Look the other way
In Palestine the belief kills
Gentiles everyday
But never should you say
You’re witness to a crime
The tether that’s in place
Keeps everyone in line
We’re allowed to sound the chime
On christian’s sexy secrets
Proud to drop a dime
On the Mormon’s silly jesus
The Muslims come complete with
An okay to bust their balls
Yet, EVERYONE agrees it
Should stay against the law
For anyone to call
The chosen a bad choice
But that’s racism y’all
Man, fuck all that noise
I stand in my voice
Everyone is fair game
If you sensor the goy
You’re part of the blame

Is it Alcaida or Isis
Who has the last laugh
However you slice it
It’s like saying have had
They try to sand bag
The flow of free thought
We call a man fag
Though hatred we’re taught
The spaceships we bought
Cost us our sanity
We facelift the gaunt
Then act like it magically
Answers why gravity
Can never be shown
While density and buoyancy
Get cleverly cloned
Behind a well-known
Cloak of conspiracy
Left on our own
The hopeless can clearly see
They focus the fear to be
Something we crave
The sheep keep on cheering
Freedom from caves
We’re modern day slaves
We buy what they sell
We pay to be saved
While living in hell
But how come no bells
Ring, screaming doubt
When those terrorist cells
Leave Israel out

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