Last year, Guy Williams Jr. and Charles S. Kuzmanovic decided to start working on new music again. The collaboration is something really special:

Guy (Redford, MI, USA) and Charles (Munich, GER) know each other since the good old Myspace days (2005/2006) – but they’ve never met in the real world.

They have produced more than 25 songs within the last couple of months: Guy sends his vocals, Charles produces the music. They work on each track with different approaches.

Charles has bought more and more gear and software over the past few years, adding that special sound to The Bilderberg Group.

There’s a plan, a masterplan: both want to meet in person, spend time in a studio and finally work on music like it’s supposed to be.

TBG is on Facebook.

Here’s their first set of music (Bandcamp, FREE DOWNLOAD)