TBG – Shireen Abu Akleh
RIP May 11th 2022
#TBGmusic – #ShireenAbuAkleh
Where are her fellow REPORTERS?!?!?
We are calling on ALL members of the MEDIA to STRIKE until Israel and the IDF are held ACCOUNTABLE for the MURDER of Palestinian, AMERICAN reporter Shireen Abu Akleh, for then attacking her FUNERAL and for the never-ending WAR CRIMES Israel is GUILTY of committing… All without consequence and fully supported and FUNDED by US taxpayers!!
“Operation Breaking Dawn” just happened over the weekend (Aug 5th-8th 2022) where at LEAST 44 Palestinians were MURDERED, including 16 CHILDREN, the youngest was a 5-YEAR-OLD GIRL!!! 360 PLUS Palestinians were injured while Israel walked away with ZERO casualties and NO significant injuries.
By ONLY “reporting” ONE side of the story, YOU are just as GUILTY as the SAVAGE IDF and the SHAME is MULTIPLIED EXPONENTIALLY when it’s one of your OWN, a fellow REPORTER and you remain SILENT!!!
We can only “kill the monster” when we “cut off the HEAD”… It’s time the SHEPHERDS lead the “flock” somewhere other than “off the cliff”!
Please SHARE this with EVERY reporter and media personality you can, the REVOLUTION WILL BE TELEVISED!!!!

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