TBG – New Music Video – New Song: Black Jokes

Written and delivered by a half black, half white amerikkkan man… produced by a dude from Germany (with roots in Belgrade/Novi Sad, Serbia) Before you get mad and say something stupid… THINKING and ASKING QUESTIONS is NOT “the problem”, SUBMISSION IS!! #DONTVOTE #teamgoyim #gentilesunite #goyimunite #trumpvirus #blacklivesmatter ENJOY! and Share if you dig this one!

New TBG Song: WLLZ UP // Bandcamp folks!

Stop being RACIST!!! “jew” is NOT a bad word!!! NO ONE is ABOVE being TALKED ABOUT… saying ANYONE is “off limits” is just as bad, if not WORSE, than INCLUDING them in the discussion!! When 106.7 FM (WLLZ) dropped TBG because, although we are “controversial”, it was ok, as long as we didn’t talk about…

TBG – Still here and kicking

Hey folks, just a quick reminder on our official website: We’re still here, and we’re still producing! It’s 2020 COVID-19-EARTH is in full effect. Take a look at our bandcamp profile and download the new songs for free: Unreleased Songs by The Bilderberg Group We’ll keep posting stuff on a regular basis again over here,…

BRAND NEW! Ted Gunderson – The Bilderberg Group – Official Music Video

Before you get all upset because you hear some WORDS or PHRASES that you’ve been PROGRAMMED to react negatively too, LISTEN… Sit back and REALLY LISTEN to the MESSAGE and the WORDS in this song. We think if you’re HONEST, if you’re WILLING to LOOK at things HONESTLY and be HONEST with YOURSELF, you will…

CSK on his way home – with some Hip Hop classics

CSK (the music producer of TBG) was on his way back home – the passenger wanted to listen to his Hip Hop Spotify playlist. Here’s a tiny bit of the 1.5 hr ride. 🙂  

Brand New Song: The Price is Right – The Bilderberg Group

Hey folks, we have this new one for you: The Price is Right. Tell your neighbors about us.   We’ve produced this one with some fresh new gear – using the Novation MiniNOVA as kind of an extra. Basic tools: Ableton Live 10 – Native Instruments’ Maschine MK2 – Novation Launchpad – Yamaha AG 06 –…

Brand New: P.E.T.A. – The Bilderberg Group – Music Video

P.E.T.A. – Music Video – The Bilderberg Group (produced by Robert Margouleff and Zeus) After almost a YEAR of preparation, and with the UTMOST PRIDE and RESPECT, TBG, produced by 1 half of the INCREDIBLE team behind STEVIE WONDER’S string of HITS in the 70’s (Higher Ground, Superstition, etc.), ROBERT MARGOULEFF and his new partner,…

New Song / Music Video: Equality – The Bilderberg Group

Our new music video/song “Equality” is here! For your own personalized tray, get a hold of Jesse Zuccatto Lyrics: Equality I pledge allegiance To the human race And this thing we SHARE as home No silly republic Or invisible hand One planet Absent god No longer divided Since truth liberates And justice Comes from unity…

The Perfect Drug (Extended Mix) – Nine Inch Nails Cover

We’ve produced an extended version of our Nine Inch Nails Cover “The Perfect Drug” – this is our tribute to Trent Reznor and his amazing body of work. Here’s the YouTube video:    

#newmusicalert – The Bilderberg Group – Caku + Music Video feat. 80ies Club Footage

Woohoo! We’ve produced a new epic tune – 7:20 min long! Def. not radion-friendly 😉 Oh yeah, the topics are quite “different” than the usual “birds flying, couples kissing, one-world-hug, etc.” See you on Facebook.